Innenansicht des Sprudelbades in der Tamina Therme

Thermal water world

36.5°, because it is good for me.

The unique architecture, the inspiring atmosphere with the various lighting concepts and the friendly service of our competent staff make this thermal health spa a very special place. It is here you can experience the healing thermal water in its purest form and regenerate the body, mind and soul. The 7,300-square-metre thermal water world offers a variety of attractions for relaxation after a demanding day at work, after an intensive workout or simply because the thermal water makes you feel good.

Thermal spa with fascinating architecture

The spacious spa water world offers various attractions for relaxing after a hard day's work, after intensive sports or simply because the thermal water is good for you.

Attractions in the thermal water world

Individually tailored bathing programmes

In order to meet guests’ needs, the specialists at the Tamina Therme have worked together with Dr Matthias Fenzl to develop a variety of therapeutic bathing programmes.

Our balneological bathing programmes