Wohltuender Aufenthalt in der Tamina Therme

Attractions in the thermal water world

Healing thermal water on more than 7,300m2

The unique architecture, the inspiring atmosphere with the various lighting concepts and the friendly service of our competent staff make this thermal health spa a very special place. It is here you can experience the healing thermal water in its purest form and regenerate the body, mind and soul. The 7,300-square-metre thermal water world offers a variety of attractions for relaxation after a demanding day at work, after an intensive workout or simply because the thermal water makes you feel good

The following attractions are waiting to be discovered:

Aussenpool Tamina Therme in der Nacht

Outdoor pool

34° C

A splendid view of the Grisons mountain panorama with whirlpool, waterfall, counter-current channel, massage recliners and seats. In summer, the sun-bathing law invites to relax.

Badespass im Pool der Tamina Therme

Attraction pool

34° C

New experiences and relaxation for all the senses, regeneration and rehabilitation for the entire body. With soothing massage jets, neck showers, massage recliners & seats.

Innenaufnahme des Sprudelbades in der Tamina Therme


36.5° C

Relieve tensions and get your blood pressure back on track. Basking in the 36.5°C whirlpool alleviates muscle soreness and stimulates your metabolism.

Wohltuender Aufenthalt in der Tamina Therme

Whirlpool recliner bath

36.5° C

Bathing in the body-temperature whirlpool restores your heat balance to equilibrium. Just close your eyes, relax and enjoy yourself!

Das Sprudelbad der Tamina Therme Innenaufnahme

Water grottos

39° C / 17° C
Alternate bathing in the warm and cold water grottos stimulates the circulation and boosts your immune system. It helps to regulate the cardiovascular system, strengthens your skin tissue and activates your metabolism.

Exercise pool

32° C

Joint-friendly routines in the water are the very best for your body. During water exercises, you experience a gentle tissue massage and boost your fat burning.

Paar im Dampfbad der Tamina Therme

Steam bath

45°C, 100% air humidity

A spell in the steam bath frees up your airways and relaxes the muscles. The steaming heat has a cleansing effect on your skin.

Wärmetuch für Badegäster der Tamina Therme

Ragaz hot towels

A soothing treat for your body as the finishing touch to your bathing experience. One hot towel is included in the admission price. Additional towels cost CHF 3.00 each.

Massage recliners 15 mins. CHF 10.00
Design your own wellness programme. Be it shiatsu, Swedish or shiro, treat your body to a soothing massage, just the way you like it.

Sun-beds 20 mins. CHF 10.00
Use our sun-beds to savour the sensation of summer warmth at any time of the year.

Napshell® 20 mins. CHF 10.00
Sleep yourself fit. Boost your energy levels and immerse yourself in a world of dreams by taking an invigorating power nap.

Solarium 10 mins. CHF 10.00
Soak up the sun whatever the weather and gain an even, lasting summer complexion.

Quiet rooms and relaxation recliners
Relax in your quiet rooms.

Persons with restricted mobility

Persons with restricted mobility are welcome in the Tamina Therme.