Water quality

This wonderful element gifted to us by nature must be purified and treated to the highest standards.

In order to meet the highest quality standards, the water quality is subject to constant automatic monitoring and examined daily on the basis of five samples taken manually from the pools and the technical systems. Every two months, external experts collect samples and carry out direct contact tests. All the filtering systems are checked for bacteria twice a year and an official bathing-hygiene inspection is carried out by the canton.

And how does the purification work?

The thermal water in the Tamina Therme passes through the entire purification process of our technical systems every 20 to 75 minutes. These systems are some of the most advanced water purification systems in the world. In addition, the whirlpools are emptied every two weeks – the larger pools every four – and after being cleaned, degreased and disinfected are refilled with fresh water. Furthermore, up to 120 litres of fresh water are added per guest per day (the legal requirement for health spas is only 30 litres). As a result of these purification measures, the water quality at the Tamina Therme is a shining and exemplary model of cleanliness and hygiene.