Gemeinsamer Aufenthalt in der Tamina Therme

Properties of the blue gold

The thermal water

The 36.5°C thermal spa water has been piped the 4.5 kilometres to Bad Ragaz since 1840. It was here that Europe’s first indoor swimming pool supplied with thermal water was opened in 1871: today’s Tamina Therme.

Chemical properties

Based on its composition, the local Bad Ragaz spa water belongs to the main group of chloride-hydrogen carbonate-sulphate waters. In addition to these principal components, it also contains trace elements such as iron, fluoride and iodide ions, as well as sulphide-sulphur.

The spring is classified as an acratotherm (< 1000 mg/l mineral content, temperature > 20°C) and has proved its worth in treating complaints of the locomotor system and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.