BABOR Wellness massages

Because it relaxes you.

Tired and tense? Treat your body to some time out: take refuge in the healing hands of our experienced therapists. Massage is one of the oldest therapies known to man. It relieves tension in muscles, has a purging effect on the body and promotes deep, lasting relaxation.

BABOR Balancing

BABOR Balancing

“Strengthening my inner self”

Find your inner balance and protect your skin from environmental stress. The hot stone Wellness treatment with the therapeutic warm woody fragrance and warm oil make your skin soft and velvety smooth. The pleasantly light and warm stones stimulate the flow of energy and strengthen your immune system. The combination with a comfortably warm oil massage promotes pure, deep relaxation.

DURATION: 50 minutes

Price per person: CHF 130.00

BABOR Energizing

BABOR Energizing

“Awakening my inner self”

Invigorate your senses with an activating full-body massage with revitalising mandarin and lime aromas. Following a refreshing seaweed foam cleansing treatment, nourishing products are applied to supply your skin with moisture and provide a healthy glow. Finally, we cleanse your face with a mild foam, and revitalise your skin with an active-ingredient concentrate and a combination of a mask and a massage.

DURATION: 75 minutes

Price per person: CHF 165.00

BABOR Shaping

BABOR Shaping

“Sculpting my inner self”

A cleansing full-body sea salt scrub and warm shower will open your pores and leave your skin silky soft – the ideal preparation for a full-body massage with the rich Babor Shaping Cream. This nourishing body butter contains plant-based active-ingredient complexes, and helps improve your skin’s elasticity. Your body is enveloped in a silky feeling of wellbeing, and your skin appears smoother and firmer.

DURATION: 80 minutes

Price per person: CHF 155.00

BABOR Relaxing

BABOR Relaxing

“Relaxing my inner self”

Take this relaxing time out to eliminate stress and pamper your skin with luxurious nourishment. A gentle full-body massage with a composition of warm oil and body butter scented with lavender and mint to soothe body and mind and give you time to dream. The massage is rounded off with gentle pressure being applied to specific acupressure points from head to toe.

DURATION: 90 minutes

Price per person: CHF 190.00