haki® clear head – clear path

Nowadays, people spend their time racing through life in the fast lane, driven by the constant pressure to make sure they don’t miss out or fail to meet up to expectations. Wherever we look, we see obligations and endless possibilities for doing things better. The consequences of this are conflict, dissatisfaction and stress – all at the cost of our health. 

Exclusively in Bad Ragaz

haki® rituals

Treatments in the thermal water or on the massage table

haki® treatments

The philosophy

The treatment methods are based ona holistic perception of the individual, as reflected in the haki symbol. The circle represents the individual, while the bowl stands for the space in whichwe celebrate the individual’s existence and being, and the trunk portrays the importance of grounding, of nurturing health by channelling excess energy away from the body.

The composer Harald Kitz

Harald Kitz is a gifted therapist andmusician, whose skills lie in perceiving the individual and their surroundings as bodies of sound. He has made useof these skills to compose treatment methods with a natural feel for touch (haptics) and motion (kinetics), and has received several awards worldwide for hisapproach. His treatments and rituals help to create a completely new awareness.

The masterpiece

The development of the new “haki®–The Art of Touch” treatment room isbased on the many years of therapeutic experience gained by Harald Kitz. Every component of the room, in combination with the touching of the body and the activation of the senses, helps the individual to release pressure, find new strength and retune.

haki® rituals – exclusively in Bad Ragaz

In the specially created “haki®– The Art of Touch” treatment room, we got together with Harald Kitz, the developer of the haki philosophy, to create a new dimension of treatment rituals. The interplay of infrastructure, atmosphere and treatment is highly effective in eliminating both physical and emotional pressure.

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