Because it makes you beautiful.

Inner and outer beauty gives us greater presence and deepens our sense of wellbeing. Feel beautiful with indulgent beauty treatments and hand-picked products. Every day, at every opportunity. Because beauty is something deeply personal.

BABOR cosmetics

Babor has understood the art of precision skincare for more than 55 years. It all began with a black rose – the symbol of consummate beauty and still a part of the Babor philosophy. In 1956 Dr Michael Babor laid the foundation for high-quality, indulgent skincare. Since then Babor beauty experts have been constantly developing new formulas with a perfect balance of active ingredients. Babor provides luxurious care whose effects can be seen in the timelessly beautiful skin it creates.

BABOR Beauty Shop

The Babor Beauty Shop is a small mecca for those who like to nourish their skin with professional cosmetics.

Skin types vary a great deal. Our cosmetics specialists will identify the needs of your skin and put together your personal beauty programme. This is why an adjoining treatment suite has been set up exclusively for the administering of Babor treatments. Visit us daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and let us advise you.

BABOR Beauty Shop

Babor Spa Shop in der Tamina Therme