Diverse and flexible clothing for any sporting activity

The origins of the Skinfit brand are in Austria, where the entire collection is still designed and developed to this day. The prototypes are prepared in the Skinfit sample production facility and put through rigorous tests. During the production of the sports textiles, Skinfit places an emphasis on quality and sustainability. Quick-drying and light materials make Skinfit products an ideal solution for endurance and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

This functional clothing meets the demands of a wide range of sports, including hiking, cycling and mountain biking, climbing, jogging and walking, and can be used universally. The Skinfit clothing system therefore contributes to the sustainable use of products.

Skinfit International GmbH is an internationally active company in the sports textiles sector. The products stand out thanks to their optimal functionality and attractive design. In addition to 16 shops in Austria, Skinfit currently operates 6 shops in Switzerland and is present in 10 other countries.

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