Experience the diversity of sauna infusions

A treat for the senses

Sweating as a means of promoting health has become increasingly popular in Switzerland over the past few years, thanks not least to the Tamina Therme team and their pioneering role within the Swiss sauna scene.

Enjoying a sauna or steam bath in the stylish surroundings of the Tamina Therme is a unique experience. Our team of expert sauna masters, among them Swiss and former world champions, celebrate the art of the perfect infusion – in particular during the sauna ritual evenings.

Our sauna infusions take place on an hourly basis and are performed using real essential oils and herbs known to have a beneficial effect on body, mind and soul. In addition to the classic infusions used in the Finnish infusion sauna and biosauna, sauna lovers at the Tamina Therme can enjoy a variety of special sauna sessions featuring air-circulation techniques and show and light effects. These are held in the Sauna Nera, the outdoor infusion sauna, which has frequently served as the location for the Swiss sauna championships.