Sauna area

Experience wellness on a whole new level

The Tamina Therme is a spa oasis, a place of relaxation and recuperation for body, mind and soul. Here, guests can enjoy thermal water in its purest form, a range of Tamina wellness massage and beauty services and a spectacular sauna area celebrating the many facets of sauna culture.

  • Sauna fee in combination with swimming fee CHF 10.– per adult/child
  • Children under the age of twelve are not permitted in the sauna area
  • Young people between the ages of twelve and sixteen are permitted in the sauna area only when accompanied by an adult

Our offer for you

Outdoor infusion sauna Nera

90°C, 10–15% humidity
The new pearl in our sauna area. The interior walls and seating steps around the infusion stove are made of dark brown Abachi wood. The architecture creates a unique atmosphere and provides the scope for lighting effects in keeping with the infusions. Background music completes the ceremony and transforms your time in the sauna into a multi-sensory experience.

Finnish infusion sauna

85°C, 20% air humidity
The dry atmosphere with temperatures of 80° ‒ 100°C in the heart of the sauna stimulates your cardiovascular system and boosts the immune system. Pleasant, seasonal infusions take place hourly, on the hour.

Herbal biosauna

65°C, 50% air humidity
Relax your muscles and improve the elasticity of tendons and ligaments at a soothing temperature of 65°C and an air humidity of 50%. Essential oils, singing-bell meditations, night-cap infusions or fantasy journeys bring unalloyed relaxation at the end of the day.

Steam bath

45°C, 100% air humidity
100% air humidity The agreeable temperature of 45°C and 100% air humidity have a beneficial effect on the airways, muscles and skin. Honey treatments, healing earth applications and a range of facials and peelings rank among the daily highlights in the steam bath.

Hydromassage showers

Various power showers, an ice fountain, bucket shower and waterfall shower provide the perfect cooling-down during and after sauna-bathing.

Heated recliners

Rest in one of the warming recliners while you recover from the sweat-inducing sauna sessions.


A warm footbath before the first sauna session promotes sweating. The warm footbath afterwards helps reduce post-sauna sweating. A cold footbath between the individual sauna sessions helps provide optimum refreshment and gets the circulation going.

Quiet rooms and relaxation recliners

The body needs adequate recovery time between a bathing and a sauna session. Treat yourself to a moment of rest and take a nap in one of our comfortable quiet rooms.

La Ruga sauna bar

Light snacks and cold drinks – replenish your strength and energy at our sauna bar.


Get further details on prices and opening hours of the sauna area.

Further information

Infusion rituals

Our expert sauna masters place perfectly celebrated infusions at the heart of daily sauna operations.

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Evening sauna rituals

Enjoy an even more intensive sauna experience with one of our evening rituals.

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Sauna Nera

Our Sauna Nera, resplendent with its dark brown Abachi wood, is unique all over Europe. Equipped with a sound and lighting system, it is the perfect infusion temple.

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The Art of infusion at the Tamina Therme

Sweating your way to great health

Regular visits to the sauna are an ideal way of avoiding colds and beating the winter blues, or simply staying healthy all year long. They strengthen your immune system, give your cardiovascular system a workout and are great for your skin. And the diverse, highly beneficial physical effects of saunas on our health don’t stop there.

The seven ways in which saunas are beneficial for your health

  1. They prevent circulatory disorders
  2. They cleanse and detoxify the body
  3. They strengthen the immune system
  4. They relieve respiratory disorders
  5. They promote supple tissue, tendons and ligaments
  6. They help alleviate swelling
  7. They have a positive effect on our heart and improve blood flow