Hiking & Tamina Therme

Treat yourself to 36.5° relaxation after the 360° panorama view. With the 5-Lakes Hike and the Heidi Route.

Enjoy a hike through the Pizol mountain landscape, and mull over the unforgettable images of nature during a relaxing session at the Tamina Therme. Combined tickets can be purchased from Pizol mountain railway. Attractive hiking and thermal bath offers for the whole family.

Fixed rateAdultChildrenHalbtax/GA
5-Lakes Hike & ThermeCHF 62.00CHF 32.50CHF 44.50
Heidi Route & ThermeCHF 54.00CHF 28.50CHF 40.50

The offer includes:

  • Ticket for travel with the Pizol mountain railway
  • Entry to the Tamina Therme for 2 hours (excluding sauna)
  • Tickets can be used within two days The combined ticket can be purchased from Pizol mountain railway.

The combination tickets are available at the valley station of Pizolbahnen AG.

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